In continuation of his series on, ‘What is Love’?, Pastor Jimmy Odukoya of The Fountain of Life Church (TFOLC), Ilupeju, Lagos, has insisted that one of the hallmarks of a good salesman is believing in what they are selling.

To this end, he equally stated that Christians believe in God, and as God is love, the love of God should not be lacking in their interactions with others.

Referencing John 4:7–12, during the February 25 Sunday service, the Senior Pastor emphasized that one thing that keeps people out of church is the fear of judgment by others, just as he urged the church to show God’s love towards others rather than judgment.

The preacher, who posited that a Christian who does not love others does not have the love of God within them and cannot know God, further explained that the love of God is unconditional, with a further position that Christians ought to also love unconditionally.

Pastor Jimmy charged the congregation not to be manipulative or transactional in their love for others, particularly family members, adding that as God’s love towards everyone has no bias, so too should Christians’ love be unconditional regardless of the circumstances.

He said, “As Christians, the presence of God should be palpable in our lives, and loving others ought to be a natural progression out of God’s love for us.

“Do not be so focused on the works of God and neglect the ways of God.”

Pastor Jimmy mentioned that the two most important commandments are the love of God and others, and doing this results in all the commandments being fulfilled.

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He, therefore, urged the church to love everyone, particularly those who hate and persecute them, in the same way that God loved Christians even before salvation.

Earlier in the service, Pastor Tolu Odukoya-Ijogun, the Associate Senior Pastor of the church, encouraged the congregation from Matthew 16:19, which was also the promise for the week.

According to her, the acts of binding and loosing can be likened to opening and closing a door, in which the key to the door is prayer and the unlocking of the door is carried out by faith.

She then urged the church to always step out in prayer and faith to speak the promises of God regarding all situations in their lives.