Reported by Emmanuel Egobiambu

The married men’s fellowship of The Fountain of Life Church (TFOLC), known as the Bishops’ Court, continued its teachings and lessons on the life of King David.

Tagged ‘David, the Portrait of a Man,’ the fellowship dovetailed into a panel session where lessons were shared from the life of one of the most celebrated characters in the Bible.

Drawing insights from 1 Samuel 16-28, the three-man panel shared several lessons from David, urging Christians, especially believers, to imbibe them.

Speaking on conquering bears, Bro Lanre said David was a man committed to self–development, invested in himself, and prepared for opportunities.

According to him, before David killed Goliath, he had killed several lions and bears, calling on the participants also to devote time and resources to improve themselves.

He said it is only when people prepare that they can seize opportunities.

“What bears have you conquered? How well have you sharpened your tool such that when an opportunity comes, you slay it?” he asked.

Apart from that, he said David walked with God and relied on His leading irrespective of his skills. David fought in God’s name, he maintained.

Furthermore, he asked the gathering to have the spirit of service like David. He recalled how David served Saul, saying God is looking for diligent men, of great reputation, and ready to serve.

He said, “Men must daily cultivate these habits,” drawing insights from 1 Samuel 18.

Bro Olumide Okeowo, while addressing the importance of making God one’s friend, noted that David’s life epitomizes that of one who values friendship, as captured in his relationship with Jonathan.

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He referenced 1 Samuel 19 to draw his listeners’ attention to how good friends can ignite destinies.

According to him, when David was troubled, Jonathan wanted to know what the issue was. He charged the men to build great relationships.

He added that as they do so, they must first have a relationship with God, adding that it is when men have that relationship with God that they can build on their earthly relationship.

Okeowo, said, “We must make God our friend. What kind of commitment do you have? What can you do for the kingdom of God? Build relations that can ignite people’s destinies. But first, build with God before going for men.”

On his part, Brother Akintola admonished the men to be unifiers just like David, and not divisive figures.

He contrasted Saul and David’s life, saying the former scattered his people while David was a rallying point.

“God is looking for someone to rally and unify and not split His people. God is looking for those who will build His people,” he said, adding that David provided leadership for his people.  In addition, he re-echoed earlier thoughts about David’s walk with God and urged his listeners to emulate that. In his words: “David never took a step without consulting God. When you journey with God, the journey is smoother. It is important in all we do to always walk with God.”