The Senior Pastor of The Fountain of Life Church (TFOLC), Pastor Taiwo Odukoya, has urged believers to continually meditate on the mercies of God, emphasising that He is good and no iota of bad is found in Him.

He said this during the July 31 Sunday service at the TFOLC headquarters, Ilupeju, Lagos State.

Taking his anchor scripture from Psalm 136:1-4, the clergyman explained that God’s goodness always provokes His mercy and love towards His own, just as in the case of David in Psalm 107:1-2 and 8-9.

“God’s goodness made Him lay down His life for us, His goodness made us known to Him, His goodness made Him teach sinners His ways,” he told the worshippers.

Pastor Taiwo added that God does not segregate or discriminate regarding His goodness. Citing Psalm 145:8-9 and Psalm 5:45, he noted that God makes the sun shine on both the good and evil, stating that His goodness provoked the sacrifice of His only begotten Son as recorded in John 3:16.

“To believe God is not good is to be trapped by the devil, for the devil works by deceit and is funny in all his ways,” the 66-year-old author said. “Even when situations seem so bad, there will always be a way to thank God if only you look inwardly.”

He stated that believers can live in God’s goodness when they adopt a life of thanksgiving, citing Kings David and Jehoshaphat from Psalm 145:1-2 and 2 Chronicles 20:6-22 as men of exceptional understanding of His goodness.

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Such understanding, he maintained, made them live a life of thanksgiving even amid troubles and challenges.

“The turnaround you yearn for is hinged on the knowledge of the goodness of God, which will always provoke you to live a life of thanksgiving,” the clergyman added.

Pastor Taiwo advised believers to always live with the consciousness of God’s goodness and not be defined by their circumstances.

“His goodness is the reason for who He is,” the preacher said.