It was an awesome time in the presence of the Lord at the May 12 Mother’s Day Sunday service at The Fountain Of Life Church. Pastor Nomthi in her message for the day urged women to take their stand as the keeper of their homes. Using the account of Lot’s wife as recorded in Genesis 19:15-23 and Luke 17:32 as an example, she noted that disobedience to God’s word, covetousness, unforgiveness, and bad company can hinder the success of any woman in accomplishing her assignment.

Also using Abigail and Pontius Pilate’s wife as examples, Pastor Nomthi further stated that women should always work in the knowledge of God’s words which will guide them appropriately, be prayerful, be positive influencers and always speak encouraging words. This, she said, would not only make them wise, it would also to keep their families and homes safe from calamities.

Pastor Nomthi, therefore, urged the women to be physically and spiritually present for their children at all times and not to engage in unwholesome practices such as mocking and taking advantage of vulnerable people.

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