The Holy Spirit has been promised to abide with believers forever. So if you don’t experience His help, it’s probably because you have forgotten that He dwells in you and can help you. This will bring about frustrations and failures. These were the words of Pastor Taiwo Odukoya at the May 23 Thursday Showers. “You’re never destitute and will never fight your battle alone if you recognise that the Holy Spirit dwells in you and is with you,” he said.

Speaking from John 14:12-18, Isaiah 63:11-14 and Psalm 139:7-10, Pastor Taiwo said that the Holy Spirit motivates and strengthens one towards achieving his or her goals. According to him, life is so easy with the Holy Spirit because when He sets free, freedom is total. “It’s not how you start but how you finish that matters and that can happen with the help of the Holy Spirit. You will finish well by the power and help of the Holy Ghost,” he declared.

Pastor Taiwo further stated that the Word of God (John 6:63); prayer (Romans 8:26-27) and the gifts of the Spirit are major ways the Holy Spirit guide and guard those who trust and rely on Him. “If you’re conscious of His Spirit, He would be conscious to manifest Himself in and through you,” he noted.

He then urged believers to always ask for the help of the Holy Spirit because it is only through Him that tangible results can be achieved.