Pastor Nomthi at the June 2, Sunday service encouraged the congregation to look to God through prayer, hope and joy, especially in the waiting period, this she explained will help us discern the devil’s lies from God’s true and expected promise.

To drive home her message, Pastor Nomthi shared a story of a family member who was stranded and left alone on an unknown road. After asking people around for the name of her location, she called home and was promised that a driver would be sent to pick her. While waiting, a bike rider rode up to her and said he was sent to pick her up. She wisely declined and waited until the driver she was promised arrived to pick her.

Using the lesson above, she admonished the church against falling for the tricks of the devil. “There are believers have been waiting on the Lord for a while. In that waiting period, the devil will come with a counterfeit answer. Do not to pay him any attention. You will not fall for his deception and you will not be confused. You will wait on God and only His voice will you hear,” she declared.

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