Pastor Kunle Areogun has emphasised the need for believers to be united to reveal God’s glory in their lives and midst.

He made this assertion during The Fountain of Life Church (TFLOC) January 9 Sunday first service, where he spoke on the theme for the year, ‘God’s Revealing Glory’.

According to him, doubting God’s Word or rationalising every Word of God, or challenging His instructions are ways one can be separated from the body of Christ. This, he noted, would result in a hindrance to the fulfilment of God’s words.

“I pray you will not separate yourself from what God is doing because He will visit this church and us this year, He will reveal Himself,” he hinted.

The preacher took his Bible text from 2 Corinthians 3: 17-18 —the scripture of the year — and noted that Jesus, the Word of God, is the believers’ ultimate mirror.

According to him, Jesus is the ideal plan of God for believers, and the mirror through which they see, know and understand the plan of God for their lives as well as their real identity in Him.

He charged Fountaineers to have an open heart to the Word of God and His Spirit. He explained that two pillars should never be toyed with by Christians.

“We all, in an unveiled face beholding, looking continually, we are changed. God gives you a picture of God’s plan for your life, how you should be, and where you are headed, and as you are beholding it, God is changing you, moving you from glory to glory to reach that ideal that God has for you.

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“So, if you know the Word and do not know the Spirit, you will fall. If you know the Spirit, you do not know the Word, the devil is a spirit being, he will defeat you,” the clergyman added.

He continued, “Anything you think is revealed to you, you bring it to the Word of God. These pillars must never be moved as you grow with the Lord, the Word of God and the Spirit of God, not your senses or suspicions. If you can see it in the scriptures, then it is yours, you lay hold of it, and it becomes yours.”

The cleric also stated that one’s positioning in God’s programme for their life, association; character; and what they accept into their minds would affect what they see. He, therefore, urged the congregation to be watchful of what they give attention to in the New Year.

“Whether born again or not, what you know; whom you walk with or associate with will affect your character, and where you stand in God’s programme for your life will affect what you see; so be careful about these four areas,” he noted.

Using the lives of Elisha and Joshua as examples, he encouraged them to be deliberate on what or who they make their mirror as it has an enormous effect on them.

He said: “You need to be careful and intentional about who or what you are gazing at in your journey of life, especially these 2022, our year of God’s revealing glory because God will certainly visit The Fountain of Life Church and when He visits; it is not for sightseeing but for reward, which are in many dimensions: favourable pleasant reward to those following Him and unfavourable pleasant reward to those that are not following Him, those that are mixed multitude in our midst.”