Pastor Funke Ige has asked Christians not to let circumstances make them lose focus of God’s big picture for their future.

The Co-Lead Pasto of The Fountain of Life Church (TFOLC), Grace Family, Ojodu-Berger, gave the charge at the July 28, 2022, Thursday Showers.

“You need to take your mind off your daily needs and look at the big picture God has for you and agree with Him concerning that picture,” she told the congregation at the TFOLC headquarters in Ilupeju, Lagos State.

She explained that the word “gate” scripturally signifies a place of agreement, transactions, and decision-making.

While referencing the case of the lame man at the Beautiful Gate recorded in Acts 3:1–9, the life and emotional intelligence coach told believers to focus on God for their needs to be met, just as Peter and John helped the man focus on Him for his miracle.

The cleric, who also read from Luke 18:10, advised Christians not to yield to grumbling and comparing themselves to others while praying. She, instead, told them to rely on God and remove doubts from their hearts for their faith to blossom.

Pastor Funke Ige said: “Thank God for what He has done, as He is going to do more. Believers must believe in the power and name of Jesus to get all they want.”

The preacher cited Psalm 24:7 and told the congregation not to accept norms that violate God’s word. She added that God can change anything, even if it has become a pattern in their lives.

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“Every ancient gate that has made itself a stronghold in your life can be pulled down,” the preacher noted as she led the congregation into a series of prayers.

The service was also an opportunity for attendees to praise and worship God. There were equally testimonies from Showerians highlighting His goodness.