Pastor Blessing Awosika told the congregation at the July 21 Sunday first service that life is a function of limited time and it would be accounted for ultimately. It is therefore important to live that life well so as not to have regrets in the end. “Everyone will account for their life before God. This account is about your purpose and assignment and nobody would be the excuse for your failure,” she said.

Speaking from 2 Timothy 4:7 and Habakkuk 2:2, she stated that believers need to have the end goal in mind in whatever they do now so that they can have something to measure their lifestyles and values against. She stated that just as anyone who does not know where he is going or have a destination in mind would be distracted along the way, so also would they be distracted from fulfilling their assignment on earth if they do not focus on their journey.

In her words, “You need to articulate where you are going. That vision can become sharpened and clearer as time goes on, but you must have a sense of what that vision is. Don’t run a race against any man but yourself because their pace may not be the same as yours. Run the race of your life consistently as the Lord orders your steps and apply the best of yourself to what the Lord has called you to do.”

Pastor Blessing then urged them to have a sense of their identity in Christ and walk therein in fulfilling their purpose in life so that, in the end, they would not have regrets. “Regrets always come to one when one hasn’t really lived the life one is created and expected to live. So don’t drop the core of your purpose which is you. Don’t guilt-trip or blame anyone around you because of the choices you have made,” she said.