Pastor Biodun Soderu at the July 21 Sunday second service said that a believer has power immediately the Holy Spirit comes upon him or her as recorded in Acts 1:8. However, the physical manifestation of that power may not be optimally reached if such a person does not unleash it. “What you are carrying is much more than what you are manifesting. Every Christian prays but many are not consistent in the prayer; and the power of prayer is in its consistency,” he said.

Dwelling on Luke 18:1-8, Pastor Biodun said that men ought always to pray and not to complain, lose heart and hope, be lazy or murmur. The life of a Christian, according to Pastor Biodun, is a praying lifestyle as any Christian that would not pray is dead already. In his words, “Whenever the enemy is about to afflict a Christian, he first takes away his or her praying life. That’s why we need to always pray for one another because iron sharpens iron. Every believer is in the ministry of prayer.”

Pastor Biodun stated that the church has not prayed enough, like the believers in the days of old. According to him, praying the perfect will of God, speaking mysteries and having the miraculous lifestyle are parts of the benefits of praying, and these are a constant habitat of a praying life. He added that winning souls would become difficult if believers are not consistent in praying.

He then urged them from Ephesians 6:18 and 1 Thessalonians 5:17 to make prayer their lifestyle. “Praying in the Spirit is the safest place of prayer,” he said.