Pastor Kunle Osunkunle has admonished believers to grow daily in the word of God and stop deceiving themselves. He said this while ministering at the August 11 Sunday second service. According to him, a number of Christians deceive themselves by neglecting the word of God thereby allowing the world to corrupt them. “When your heart is corrupted, it has implications on the quality of your Christian life. You will begin to think and act like the world,” he said.

Speaking from James 1:19-26 and Ephesians 4:14-15, Pastor Kunle said that the church is not a club but rather a place of transformation where one’s old ways of living changes for the new. This, he said, requires the believer to also invest his or her time in dwelling on the word of God that can make this transformation possible and easy. “You need to make the word of God the greatest influence of your life and not the world system,” he said.

He also noted that the more of the word of God believers are able to take into their heart would determine their level of obedience to Him which would also lead to their miracles. “You need to deny the world the power to corrupt you by deliberately dwelling in the word of God because the world’s budget for sin is more than the budget for righteousness,” he said.

Pastor Kunle, therefore, urged them to be friendly with the word of God which will make them grow and strengthen them to stand against the counsel of the world.