With numerous awesome testimonies from the worshippers at the December 26 Thursday Showers which was the last in 2019, it was evident that God has been good to His children all through the year. The testimonies, delivered in batches, are a proof of God’s protection, deliverance and the manifestation of the sovereignty of God and His power.

In his short message, Pastor Taiwo said that God is always on the side of His own and delivers them from all troubles; noting that believers therefore always ought to be grateful to Him. “Don’t cry when enemies attack you. God will use you to demonstrate His power, victory and strength so much that they would change because of the encounter with you,” he said.

Sharing from the story of the leper recorded in the Book of Matthew 8:1-3, Pastor Taiwo said that worship would always move God to work on behalf of a worshipper just as the leper got Jesus’ attention when he worshipped Him. He further said that seeking God is tantamount to worshipping Him. “When you seek Him, you will worship Him and when you worship Him, then you will achieve so easily the impossible and your achievements would be noised abroad,” he stated.

Pastor Taiwo, while urging believers to remain steadfast in worshipping God, led the congregation in thanksgiving and worship to God for the forthcoming year, 2020.