In continuation of his message, “The Birthing Process,” Pastor Jimmy, during the April 28th
Sunday service refreshed his listeners’ memories by outlining the three stages involved: the
first, second, and third trimesters.

He stated that in the first trimester, nothing changes outwardly; it’s the conception stage, and only the one carrying the promise knows what’s happening internally. He emphasized that this stage is for the promise carrier to be aware of not to be outwardly displayed.

Speaking further on the birthing process, he delved into the second stage, the second trimester.

He explained that this is the growth stage where the fetus begins to take shape. At this point,
the promise undergoes a change, visible and known to all. It’s the promotion stage, where opportunities unfold, and one begins to discover oneself, leading to the manifestation of one’s
true identity.

The growth stage bridges the gap between conception and delivery, and sometimes God keeps people in this stage longer to prevent premature delivery.

Buttressing his thoughts further, Pastor Jimmy read from Malachi 3:2, highlighting that God
often keeps His own in this stage, purifying them until He sees His reflection in them. He keeps
them in specific situations to test their patience. David’s story serves as a good example.

In 1 Samuel 16:13-19, despite being anointed as King of Israel by Prophet Samuel, David continued
tending to his flock. From tending sheep, he was brought to the palace to serve King Saul. This
change in location signifies growth. He was closer to his promise but didn’t abuse his access to
the throne.

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The skills required as a shepherd differed from those needed as an armor-bearer for the king.With each new level comes new responsibilities. Pastor Jimmy cautioned that one should be
mindful when asking for promotion, as others wait for one’s failure.

He elaborated that with promotion comes a loss of certain luxuries and the freedom to do as one wishes. According to Pastor Jimmy, most people often forget who brought them to that stage of promotion once they achieve it. He cited Peter’s example, who asked Jesus to bid him walk on water but then took his gaze away from the one who had told him to come. Psalms 75:6-7 reminds us that promotion comes solely from God, and Psalms 113:7-9 emphasizes that only God establishes
man, so the pursuit of clout becomes unnecessary.

Pastor Jimmy continued, saying that God often brings believers close to the promise to instill
patience. While proximity brings access, it shouldn’t be abused. He emphasized that no one can
carry a mantle they haven’t served for.

Reading from Psalms 37:7, he pointed out that most Christians make the mistake of comparison. Everyone walks different paths in life, and comparing journeys is futile. As stated in Ecclesiastes 7:8, what truly matters is the end, achieving the set goal. For some, proximity leads  to downfall when pride sets in. The moment pride takes hold during a time of proximity,downfall becomes imminent.

Referring to 1 Samuel 17, the Senior Pastor described how even after being anointed, David continued tending to his father’s flock while also serving King Saul. His proximity to the promise
and the access he had to the throne did not alter his identity. It was during one such errand for his father that he encountered Goliath, an event that propelled him into the limelight.

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In conclusion, Pastor Jimmy stated that when delays occur, it’s simply God ensuring everything
is prepared for a perfect delivery.

The Associate Senior Pastor, Pastor Toluwani, took the promise for the week from Jeremiah 33:3. She acknowledged that Prophet Jeremiah was in a difficult situation at that point, but God met him there. Encouraging the congregation, she emphasized that regardless of the situation or the darkness one might face, God sees, knows, and will surely intervene and bring about the desired change.