Pastor Taiwo reminded believers at the October 10 Thursday Showers service that every born-again child of God is a target of the enemy as he is always trying to bring them shame, but that God has promised double honour in its place. He cited examples in scriptures of the enemy trying to bring shame on Mordecai, the three Hebrew children and even the apostles, but God gave them double honour instead and disgraced their enemies. “Because of God’s righteousness over your life, you will get double honour in place of shame,” he declared.

Reading from Acts 13:1-12, he urged the congregation to live a life of constant praise and worship to God as this will help them to discern the ploy of the enemy and put a stop to it, just as Paul and Barnabas did to the sorcerer. “They encountered an agent of darkness assigned to hinder the work of God but because they were on divine assignment, the shame the enemy planned returned to his agent and God’s work was accomplished,” he said.

Pastor Taiwo reminded the congregation that they were not created for shame but to reign in life. “God never created you for shame; he created you for glory and honour. Henceforth, you will never see shame,” he declared.