My miracle started about eight years ago when I discovered a treasure called The Fountain of Life Church.

I was invited for a Discovery for Men rally and I had an ecstatic time. So, my friend who invited me told me if I enjoyed Discovery that much, I should also try Thursday Showers. I did and, since then, I have been addicted.

Not long after that, I was affected by the first wave of banking consolidation exercise in the country, and I was sacked after five years of service. But I continued attending Showers. There was a particular service I came for and Pastor Taiwo said there was someone in the congregation that what God would use to take him to the next level was already in his hands. He then encouraged the person to find something to do in the interim, since he could even become an employer of labour.

I held on to that prophecy seriously. Later on, I heard of an opening at my wife’s place of work. They always complained about their lunch providers and I thought that was an opportunity, since I could do it. So, I sent in my bid and they selected us to do it. I had to register a company name because Pastor Taiwo had urged us not to despise the days of little beginning. That company that I registered last year, by the word of Pastor Taiwo, has fetched me contracts running into hundreds of millions of Naira.

I came for the anointing service in the month of June with the new contract and as I was being anointed, I offered it to be anointed as well. So, we started the first phase in the midst of trials and challenges, but each time I came for Thursday Showers, it was as if God heard my thoughts because Pastor Taiwo would always address what was on my mind and indeed God did it. At a time, he was preaching from Isaiah 45 about Cyrus, the anointed of God, I kept believing and running with the word and the Lord did it. I had to fight the Nigerian system because it was an international contract and I discovered that the people I was competing with were multinationals with branches in over 50 countries, but they awarded it to me who only had a registered business name. Throughout the time, we were working in an environment of demonic activities at the border of Cotonou to Idi Iroko, but the Lord has been our shield and protector and we completed that contract in November.

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In 2006, I got a fulltime employment somewhere, but I still run my business by the side and it kept increasing. People kept wondering why I still work for someone else with the huge turnover of my business, and I would tell them God has not asked me to leave.

I know that my future will be more glorious than what I have ever seen. Glory be to God!