In 2010, I was in India with my husband, and we met a family friend, whose husband had cancer in the skull and his skin had turned white. Anytime I wanted to avoid him, the Holy Spirit would tell me “all souls are mine.” So, I called the wife and advised her to be praying; I also joined her.

I introduced communion, healing scriptures and prayer points to her and I asked her to go and pray them over her husband. As God would have it, the doctors scooped out the cancer from his skull and before my husband and I left India, his hair started growing. We eventually left, while they stayed back for about nine months.

In 2011, I went back with my husband for check-up and we met them again. I asked the wife what she was doing there again and she said that the cancer reappeared on the cheek. I told her God that healed the cancer of the skull can also heal the one on the cheek. She then started to cry, saying that she got married late and the cancer started immediately after their wedding. I consoled her that there must be a reason for God to have allowed her to marry him.

To the glory of God, who can make all things possible, He perfected the healing of that cancer; and the Lord gave them a child last week!

Mrs Bolaji Olusoga