My name is Tade Okunola, I am from Lagos state, Oshodi to be precise. My mum is a Muslim, but my dad, a Christian. He attended Anglican till his demise. I grew up knowing Christ. While growing up I had aunties who attended Church of God Mission and we went with them, but I will say that it was the Holy Spirit Himself that taught me and drew me to Himself at my tender age.

I was very quick to read and I could attribute that to God. It was really unusual but I was aware that I was taught by the Holy Spirit. At a tender age, about five years old, I could read and write better than my contemporaries. We had this huge family King James Bible which also helped me. At that age, I realized that there was something different about the bible. I knew there was something special about the Word. Though I didn’t go to answer any altar call, I knew Christ from a tender age.

I remember at that tender age, after reading about the lost sheep that was later found by the shepherd who left the 99, I told God that He should come and look for me if I ever strayed and I can tell you that God is faithful. There was a time I just didn’t believe He heard me anymore and I would ask the question, “Where are you?” I couldn’t seem to make one decision to get me going forward and I would say, “Remember I told you if I stray, look for me.” And He came to search me out, even when I thought He was late. I threw tantrums at Him wondering why He made me stray away and even came late for me. The consequences of straying away are much more than you can imagine. But, in all of that, He showed me love.

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God has had to raise a mother for me even when my mother fell short and wasn’t there for me and that was proof of God’s love for me. There were times I doubted but right now I am not doubting anymore. I can look back and say God has been faithful.

All of my experiences have made me conscious of my right as a child of God and to also exercise my authority in Christ. It’s the relationship with God that matters. It is in Him I live, move and have my being.