My name is Aderonke Obaoye, I am from Kwara state and the first in my family. My parents were Catholics, so I was born a Catholic. But I accepted Christ at an early age of 12. One of my aunts who was staying with us then preached to me and as young as I was, I gave my life to Christ. But because I wasn’t going to a Bible-believing church where I could get firm, I wasn’t serious about my decision. Then at the age of 13, I started going to a Baptist church and knew what it meant to be a Christian. Still, I wasn’t consistent, maybe because of my family background. So, my life wasn’t portraying a Christ-like life, and I wasn’t steady in my decision with God. I would always go for the altar call, give my life, turn back, and go for another altar call.

This continued until 1997 when I was 17 years old and was in my final year in senior secondary school. I sat in my room that day deep in thought; I told myself that day that I needed to be serious with God. So, I asked God to help me. I knelt beside my bed and told God I would serve Him the right way and that was it. Since that time, God has really been helping me. I read my Bible and praying. It doesn’t mean that there was no time I felt like going back, but the Lord helped me to stand. There were a series of temptations, but He has helped me and He has helped me to overcome anger.

Then I started listening to Pastor Bimbo’s messages through one of my friends who is a member of The Fountain of Life Church during my NYSC. After my NYSC in 2006, I joined The Fountain of Life Church and since then I have been a faithful member and a believer. Knowing Christ has really helped me in overcoming so many temptations and challenges. It’s not been easy, but the Holy Spirit has been helping to stand. Having Christ in one’s life doesn’t mean there won’t be challenges, but the peace of God would always help God’s children in those challenges.

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Many people have given so many suggestions, especially when I lost my job, but I just couldn’t take them. There are heart desires that I am still believing God to grant me, but all these are not enough to make me reject the love of Christ for me. Nothing is enough to make me reject Christ.

There is joy in Christ and when you have Him, you have access to that everlasting joy and peace.