In continuation of his admonition to believers from 1 Peter 5:7-8, Pastor Taiwo at the May 3 Sunday service said that believers who worry unnecessarily are disrespecting God because it reveals their uncertainty in God’s power to save, deliver or rescue.

“To allow worry to rule your life is to belittle God,” he said.

Speaking from Genesis 18:14, Matthew 11:28-29, Luke 1:28-37 and Matthew 9:28-29, he said that nothing is too hard for God, noting that this is the reason believers need to trust Him totally to bring to pass whatever His promise is to them.

“It may be hard for men but not with God. Jesus has the ability to remove your burdens and turn them to joy and celebration. So cast your burdens on Him and watch what He would do with them,” he said.

He then urged them from Ephesians 3:20 not to get distracted by their burdens but to rather trust God and focus on Him because He has what it takes to deliver and take care of them.

“The issue is not God’s ability because He’s always eager to help you, but your ability to trust Him and cast all your burdens on Him. There’s nothing deficiency in God’s ability to handle our burdens, just trust Him,” he urged.

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