In continuation of his admonitions which he started last Sunday, Pastor Taiwo took his text this time from 2 Corinthians 12:9-10 to tell the congregation at the October 18 Sunday service that there is no other option for a child of God who finds him or herself in distress that to pray, noting that God will surely answer, howbeit, the way He chooses and pleases.

Pastor Taiwo, who also commented on the ongoing youths’ protests against oppression in Nigeria, said that this is the best time to pray for the country, noting that desperation would always set in when the leadership of a country doesn’t seem to be providing solutions to the many things going wrong in a nation. He however called for a collaboration of both the youths and the old, which according to him, would bring about the progress of the nation.  “The wisdom of the old is to harness the strength of the youth. It’s this combination that progresses a nation and generation,” he said.

The Senior Pastor revealed that the devil will attempt to challenge believers’ decision to pray especially when they don’t seemingly get their answers immediately from God. He however urged them not to give in to the devil’s tool of fear, noting that the fact that God does not answer their prayers the way they wanted does not mean that He has not answered. He also charged them not to be shaking over anything because they have God is behind them and His sufficient grace is on them.

He said, “Don’t put all your hope in man that has no future when you are a covenant child of God. Your number one priority, no matter the situation you find yourselves in, is your covenant partner. The covenant minded believer makes God number one. Focus on Jesus if you want to finish well.”

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