While building on his message of God being a proven helper to His children, which he started the previous Thursday, Pastor Taiwo told the online congregation at the May 24 Sunday service that no matter how helpless a believer seems or how hopeless his or her situation may look, they are never without an Ultimate helper who is God.

According to him, God will always be available to help His own because He is the tested and proven help.

“God won’t leave His own helpless, He will always help because He’s the God that helps,” he said.

Speaking from Psalm 46:1; Isaiah 41:10; Psalm 10:14b; and Genesis 21:18, he reiterated that God doesn’t discriminate but will reach out to those who call on Him for help.

He further said that having a relationship with this God, reaching out to other people who are in need for help
as well as believing and confessing God’s assured words of help are ways to receive help from Him.

“There’s no human beings who doesn’t need help at a point in our lives. There is no help from God that you will get that won’t come through a man,” he said.

Also speaking from John 7:16, 14:16, and Roman’s 8:28, he said that God’s help will come to those who ask Him, noting that though God is loving and compassionate, He will never violate humans’ free will to choose.

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Hence the need to ask Him.

“No matter the area of your life you need help, God is available. Only call Him to that situation and see how He helps you.  His help covers every aspect of your life. You are created to be helped,” he noted.

He then encouraged them to invite God into their situations no matter how bad it seems, noting that God will never disappoint them.

He said, “There is no situation too small or a pursuit too big to involve Him. The helper is out to help you. This is not the time to give in to self-pity or condemnation but the time to trust in God for help. You are not created to do it
alone; God is ever ready to help you. Expect a miracle in the name of Jesus.”

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