The Senior Pastor of The Fountain of Life Church, TFOLC, Pastor Taiwo Odukoya, has emphasised the importance of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit in Christians’ lives. He added that God’s breath had been inputted into them at salvation, and they must continue to let Him live in them.


The clergyman stated this during the March 26 Sunday service. He said: “As Christians, God’s breath has been put into us, and we are created to house the Holy Spirit.”


Pastor Taiwo added that being filled with the Holy Spirit leaves no room for Christians to be filled with attributes of the flesh, such as anger and unforgiveness.


He cited examples in the Bible of great men of God, such as Stephen and John, who were always referred to as being filled with the Spirit and full of wisdom.


The Senior Pastor referenced Acts 6:1–10 to say believers should not abdicate their connection to the Holy Spirit to concentrate on what they would get.


“We can’t lose concentration on what brought us into this increase and get overwhelmed by worldly cares. Instead, we should be constantly filled with the Holy Spirit.


“The influence of the Holy Spirit is a big deal. We should turn over our problem to Jesus,” he insisted.


The cleric further stated that to remain filled with the Holy Spirit, one must confess God’s word and constant prayer, both in the Spirit and in one’s understanding.