Pastor Femi Odumabo of The Fountain of Life Church (TFOLC), Ilupeju, Lagos, has insisted that God made creations in the event of sequence, so there are times of fortune and also times of misfortune, errors and corrections, as well as dark and light.

Speaking while preaching at the July 23 Sunday second service, the preacher, who added that bad times are to give the believers strength, gave the example of babies going through the teething stage, which comes with different painful experiences in preparation for solid meals.

The clergyman noted that pain, for a believer, is for a purpose. “Every challenge is wrapped up with opportunities. There is, therefore, the need to change focus and see the opportunities ahead”, he said.

Pastor Femi Odumabo further stated that children of God should know better and not join the bandwagons of those who complain about everything because they have insights that there are opposite times, as recorded in Ecclesiastes 3:1.

“Such situations should remind Christians who they are – products of grace. Through suffering, healing is learned. As victories teach joy, pain teaches wisdom, and perseverance teaches gratitude.

“Gratitude is always available. Thanksgiving helps in humility. It has been proven that gratitude helps emotionally, physically and spiritually. So, be grateful for what always happens. Every season should be a learning process”, he stated.

Giving another example of Apostle Paul’s different trying experiences as recorded in Philippians 4:12, Pastor Femi Odumabo said believers should learn to speak God’s Word into their situations instead of complaining.

In his words: “Thanksgiving is for those who want to be happy. If you are not grateful for what you have, you will not be thankful for what you pray for. Showing ingratitude to God is not Christ-like.

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“Even with the current situation of things, God still blesses us. Always rejoice, and do not allow the devil, fuel subsidy removal or the forex exchange rates to keep you down”.

According to Pastor Femi Odumabo, “Regrets over yesterday’s mistakes; ingratitude over personal blessings; and anxiety over tomorrow’s worries are the enemies of personal peace”.

He, therefore, urged them to embrace thanksgiving in whatever situation as this attitude pleases and magnifies God, makes God see them as grateful children; it gives them access to God’s presence, triggers joy and creates the atmosphere for the supernatural.