Pastor Taiwo Odukoya has urged believers to be controlled by the promises in God’s Covenant with His children, instead of the conditions around them.

He gave this encouragement at the October 1 Thursday showers which coincided with Nigeria’s 60 the independence anniversary.

Speaking from Jeremiah 29:4, he drew the attention of the participants to God’s conversation with
His people who were in captivity in Babylon on how they should not suspend their lives because
of their captivity but to rather live their lives fully, and pray for the city.

He said this to say that Nigerians should not be discouraged and distracted by the seeming negativities around but to have a living hope for a better future.

According to him, Nigeria may not be where we want it to be yet, but citizens should live conscious of the promises of God.

“Whether in or out of captivity, you will increase. Pray for the peace of the place you are located right now, because, in its peace, you will have peace,” he said.

He also used Abraham and Joseph as examples to show that when believers stop being fearful, God’s covenant would start to manifest in their lives.

“Don’t elevate the devil,” he said, “watch what you think and what you say!”

He urged all to be continually thankful for the nation, and pray for her.