Jesus promised that he will not leave us as orphans. He said the promise will be in the form of the Holy Spirit and He will remain with us as long as we are in Him (Romans 14: 17).

Our walk and relationship with God were initiated by God, the father. It was established, bought and sanctified by the son and continued in the reality by the Holy Spirit.

The kingdom of God is an area of jurisdiction. The extension of the rulership itself. Other components of the kingdom of God is righteousness, peace, and joy and all this can be attained only in the Holy Spirit.

Righteousness: To do the right things in relation to God and man. Jesus died on the cross to make us righteous and the second part that makes it complete is the rightness of our decisions taken that pertains to God and man. The righteousness of the cross is not complete until we do the right things.
Peace: This measures our faith in Christ. How peaceful are we in situations? Worries will come but we should develop ourselves to the point of casting it all on God. Peace is a hallmark of those who have the righteousness of Christ.
Joy in the Holy Spirit: Your peace should translate into a merry heart and a bright countenance. It should show in the way you relate to everyone.

– The Holy Spirit is a person.
– He has feelings, will and intellect.
– He can be grieved.
– He is gentle.
– He is God.
– He is eternal.
– He is Present everywhere.

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– He knows all things.
– He is a spirit because he is the wind that was present right at creation.
– He is the breath of life that comes into us at the point of salvation.

– He teaches us.
– He searches us,
– He speaks to us. He persuades you and does not force you.
– He intercedes before the Father on our behalf.
– He also speaks through us to the father through tongues.

We need to realize He is a person and permanently lives with us. We need to live with this consciousness as He seeks to lead and direct our paths. He will only take charge as much as you allow Him.

Finally, you need to consciously allow the Holy Spirit to take charge of all things in your life. The Holy Spirit does not leave a man unless the man out rightly denies God.

As long as the person still has the opportunity to repent then the Holy Spirit can still access them.