As a child of God, you should always come before your Father with the fruits of your lips, which is praise. If human beings or problems could intimidate you in the presence of your God, so much that you can’t praise Him anymore, they are your gods. These were the words of Pastor Taiwo Odukoya during the October 8, 2020, Thursday Showers.

Speaking from Daniel 11:32, Pastor Taiwo noted that flattering will be the reason and the methodology the devil will use to sweep people away in this end time. According to him, the devil will not be able to corrupt anyone except to the extent to which he is able to flatter such; noting that people would become boasters and proud because the devil will be flattering them, thereby getting seduced to forget where God had picked them from. “But the people who know their God shall be strong and do great exploits,” he said.

Pastor further quoted 2 Chronicles 20 to explain that genuine believers who know their covenant right in God, will resist the devil, overcome him and prosper. This, he said, would be made possible by having an intimate relationship with God via the Word and fellowshipping with Him. He said, “If you don’t pray, you will sink. Men always ought to pray and not faint.”

He also stressed the need to always return all the glory to the Lord and to always be careful not to be an agent of distraction to others. “When things become too good, don’t be too big in your own eyes. Your exploits are not measured by another person’s exploit. Great exploits are measured by God in your assignment in life,” he noted.