Last year at the Watch Night Service on New Year’s Eve, my heart was heavy, and I was so confused as to how we were going to solve a huge and time-sensitive financial problem that my family was going through at the time.

All hope seemed to be lost but what I kept saying to myself was that ‘the Lord is faithful’ since there was nothing else to hang on to. At the Watch Night Service, as overwhelming as the challenges—financial, family, relationship and personal —were, I danced and praised God with all my heart and the only reason for that was, we were all alive and healthy.

Then, I asked God for divine intervention in everything but most especially on the following:

 That my best friend who graduated four years ago be blessed with a job that
befits him,
 That the Lord should do that which He is known for, concerning my younger brother’s schooling in the U.S, whom we could not afford his previous semester’s tuition which means he was on the verge of losing his Visa status, even though he was in his final year; (this was a four-year course that was already taking six years due to Nigeria’s poor economy. At that point, coming up with $8000 in two weeks and also being able to register for classes would be impossible since the registration would have closed; it would only take a pure miracle),
 That God should provide another younger brother of mine a job as he had just
finished his Youth Service,
 That I would be able to go back to my academics after trying for almost six years; I wanted a school of my choice outside Nigeria and to also be able to find it easy paying my tuition,
 He should make me glad, not only for life but to live a purposeful life.

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To the faithfulness of God, every single one of my prayers was answered. My younger brother in the US graduated this December with honours and two degrees.

My best friend got a job as an IT officer of a whole company. My other younger brother got a job that he enjoys doing. Also, I am back in school – a school of my choice. God blessed a stranger-turned-elder sister to pay my application fees and the school gave me a scholarship that covers 80% of my tuition.

I am testifying about how faithful God is in granting all my requests, even more than I asked.

My dad’s diabetic ulcer that turned into sores were miraculously healed even without seeing a specialist. The Lord kept my younger brother. He drove home safely from work and five minutes after getting home, he experienced a very scary and bizarre health crisis. It was so bad that he lost consciousness. But God brought him home first.

My loved ones go out and come back home telling us all of the strange and dangerous occurrences on their way but still, the Lord has kept them all and kept me too. We are healthy, and we are blessed. God is faithful and worthy of all praises and glory. He is just too great of a Father to fail or let His children down. I am so grateful to God.