This testimony started in 2018 and has lasted for two years and counting. I came to The Fountain of Life Church for the first time on December 31st, 2018 and at that time it looked like a great testimony. But little did I know that God was about to blow my mind some more.

In 2018, I asked God for a new job. I felt like I deserved better than my job at that time, so I prayed for God to give me a big break. The journey wasn’t easy, but God showed up in the whole hiring process for my current job.

By the way, I did not apply for this job but was recommended by a friend. By the time my employment letter came in December 2018, it automatically came with a promotion, not just in title but they agreed to my terms to pay me higher than what the role offered. I was paid
three times higher than my previous job.

So I started the job that same month. By March of 2019, my CEO gave me the award (a gift voucher) for the employee of the quarter at the recommendation of my line managers. It did not stop there, a lot of things started to turn around for the company as a whole and they gained international recognition on one of the assets I was managing by October 2019.

By January of 2020, I began acting as the head of my team and by April 2020 I was promoted to head of the team. My salary was increased in the middle of a pandemic.

Since then, God has been faithful. He has shown me favour in my role and made His face shine upon me. There is so much I wish I could share but I just want to thank God for His faithfulness to me.

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I only joined the company because I wanted something better than my previous job, but God did exceedingly abundantly above what I asked for and I am very grateful to Him.