Pastor Taiwo at the April 22 Thursday showers told the worshippers that God will fulfill His promise in their lives but noted that they ought to make their testimony point to Him and not give the glory to another.

“If your testimony does not point to Jesus, you are in trouble. It is tantamount to hiding the talent that He has given you. You are alive and well and will still make it big because you will remain a faithful witness of Jesus,” he said.

Using the Apostles’ lives and exploits as recorded in Acts 5:12 as illustrations, pastor Taiwo noted that the days of great signs and wonders are still available now if only believers would be ready and available to experience this.

In his words, “We are in an era where the door is opened; and it is to the extent that we take it seriously that will determine the exploits. It’s like people will just come in contact with the God that has touched you through the manifestation of your own breakthroughs.”

The clergy urged believers to not get bothered or distracted by the noise and distractions of the devil which he uses via the world; noting that the devil uses these distractions against the body of Christ because he’s scared of the destination of the church. He further noted that the church in the body of Christ destroys and consumes oppositions, and refines the saints.

He urged believers to not be weary in applying faith and trust in God irrespective of their circumstances; noting that victory is certain.

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