The Senior Pastor of The Fountain Of Life Church (TFOLC), Ilupeju, Lagos, Pastor Jimmy Odukoya has called on believers of Christ to exhibit attitudes that can make them signs and wonders in the year 2024.

He made the call at the Sunday service of January 14, while speaking on the church’s theme for the year, ‘Year of signs and wonders’.

According to the Senior Pastor, it is significant for every believer to acquaint themselves with what it takes to become a wonder, adding that it is impossible to be a wonder without faith.

Unbelief, according to the clergyman, negates the fulfilment of God’s promises to believers, and it is a major reason people seemingly live mundane and ordinary lives.

Speaking from Isaiah 8:18, Pastor Jimmy told his listeners that signs and wonders are ordained for the children of God, but faith is required for them to be a wonder, noting that God cannot move through them if they can’t trust Him.

“To be a wonder is to do things that are not normal, and this takes faith and absolute belief in God,” he said.

Referring to the instructions God gave to the children of Israel in Numbers 13, when Moses sent 12 spies into the land of Canaan, and reading from Hebrews 11:1-6, Pastor Jimmy stated that faith is a divine guarantee, not based on sights or experiences, but the validity of the Word of God which confers on the Believer the right to possess. 

“If all you see is what you see, then you are blind,” the clergyman stated.

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The man of God, however, cautioned the congregation to avoid jumping up and down looking for signs and wonders, stating that it is not scriptural and can make them easy prey for fake prophets and seers.

In his words: “Not all miracles are from God. The knowledge of God and His Word forestalls the tendency to be easily influenced into errors and mistakes borne out of seeking the miraculous.

“The kind of wonder that is the design of God is anchored only on faith.”

Pastor Jimmy therefore encouraged the congregation to put into practice the Word of God and not be afraid of failure.