As expected, the first Sunday in 2022 was welcomed by Christians all over the nation with praise and thanksgiving to God for His faithfulness.

Members of The Fountain of Life Church (TFOLC) joined the body of Christ across the world to praise God at the January 2 Sunday service, which was the first Sunday service in 2022.

During the first service, Pastor Ladipo Babatunde said that Christians are never to have a vacation in praying, noting that Jesus has instructed believers to pray always.

According to the cleric, prayer has a prescribed dosage, and that dosage is always as prescribed in Luke 18:1-8.

He stated: “Anything short of that prescribed dosage will seem like it is working, but it will not work because the prescribed dosage is ‘always’.”

Further, addressing Fountaineers from Ephesians 6:18 and Acts 1:14, Pastor Ladipo Babatunde asserted that prayer itself is not the weapon of war; prayer is the real battle for life. He added that continuous prayer is vital in Christian life.

In sharing a personal life experience of how he became born again and was baptised into prayer, the pastor revealed that God does not need one’s ability or inability to be qualified to pray, but their willingness and availability.

“Continue to pray until it becomes part of you. Prayer has a prescribed dosage, and if you change the prescription, you do that at your peril because you will not get the answer you are supposed to get,” he stated.

Pastor Ladipo Babatunde also noted from Romans 12:9-12 and 1 Thessalonians 5:17 that the devil will always try to attack a believer’s prayer life, and if he can get it, he has got the believer.

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Continuing steadfastly in prayers, he said, is the antidote. He added, “Satan is not bothered that you prayed once a week, but when you wake up night after night to pray, he knows he is in trouble.”

The clergyman, therefore, urged them to set a time and location for prayer because “you will never be able to pray by default. It will never happen. Be consistent and see the heavens open on you.

“When you are consistent in prayer, you are building altars and then, you would attract angels, and your hearing would be sharpened.”