Pastor Kayode Ebenezer has noted that glory is anything that is great and appears beyond man.

He said this while ministering at the February 24 Thursday Showers, which was the last in the month. According to him, glory is a dimension of experience that is beyond the natural.

The clergyman explained that for every glory believers experience, there is a power behind it. Quoting the scriptural promise for the year found in 2 Corinthians 3:18 and Exodus 19:9-10, he went on to say that God is the Spirit and power behind every believer’s glory experience.

Pastor Kayode Ebenezer further enumerated some glorious experiences in the lives of believers; having a child after many years of waiting, getting married after all hope was lost and so many great experiences. This, he noted, can be achieved by deliberate actions done in expectation.

“For the glory of God to manifest, we need to fully understand the preparation,” he insisted.

The preacher also said that believers don’t need the religious preparation of washing themselves or the works of the Old Testament to receive God’s glory; adding that the grace of God is available for them, just as he warned against abuse. But he warned against abuse.

“If you take the Lord for granted, you won’t be able to maximise the potentials or the things available for you in Him,” he told the congregation.

He urged them to identify the areas they require the manifestation of God and begin to get prepared for it.

For him, “if you require a glorious outcome, you need a glorious input. You need to be diligent, prudent, and consistent. You need to understand what it takes for the glory of God to come and put in everything to prepare for it”.

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The service featured a series of praise and worship sessions by the choir, Grace Levites.