According to Pastor Tayo Kujore of The Fountain of Life Church (TFOLC), Lagos State, every believer needs God’s direction to reach their life destination. This is because only He knows the right way.

In laying the foundation for his message during the June 11 Sunday first service, Pastor Tayo read extensively from Acts 10: 1 – 8 and 2 Kings 5: 1 -14 to say that direction is a prerequisite to destination.

According to him, everyone needs direction irrespective of experience, position, wealth, race, influence, and religion. He espoused that destinations are not usually far, but the turns and corners (being reflections of lack of direction) often elongate the journeys. Consequently, he emphasized the need and significance of having a clear direction in arriving at the desired destination.

Recalling the journey of the Israelites after their deliverance from Egypt, Pastor Tayo charged the congregation to come to terms with the reality that only God knows the right direction. He mentioned that God, in His wisdom, took them through a forty-year journey to build them up to meet the challenges of life and the peculiarities of the nations that would be subdued along the way.

Teaching about the challenging realities of the Christian life, he stated that personal questions and doubts may arise due to frustrations. He, however, admonished that it is critical to submit to the Word and the leadership of the Holy Spirit. He declared, ‘ If God doesn’t tutor you, you cannot be tutored.’

Outlining the major factors that will lead to successful and timely arrival at one’s destination, he pointed out that God’s factor is the bedrock. Reading Psalm 20:7, 62:5 – 7, and 121: 1 – 3, he advocated that nothing can be achieved without God. He enjoined the Congregation to always put God first in all aspects of life.

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The minister also identified attitude as another critical factor in staying on the right path toward the destination. Quoting Luke 1: 34, 38 and Luke 1: 11 -3, he contrasted the attitudes of Mary and Zechariah to the messages from God.

He appealed that a positive attitude must be cultivated in reacting to news, events, and any unsavory situation. According to him, managing relationships is like taking turns and corners to arrive at desired destinations. He highlighted the relationship between Moses and Joshua and Elijah and Elisha as pointers to the importance of this factor.

The preacher, therefore, urged everyone to transcend the stage of knowing God on an introductory to a personal level. He advised that it is important to manage information regarding others carefully as he led the Congregation in prayers.