Just as the congregation was admonished in the first service, Pastor Ladipo Babatunde also urged the worshippers at The Fountain of Life Church to make prayer a lifestyle.

While ministering during the August 7 Sunday service, the cleric explained that prayers could be curative or preventive.

Taking his main text from Psalm 20, the preacher stated that praying when there is no trouble is preventive while doing the same amid challenges is curative.

He told the worshippers that while curative prayers are said in emergencies, the best form of prayer is preventive, adding that preventive prayers are essential to building a lifestyle of prayer.

“Prayer can be preventive, and it can be curative. When prayer becomes curative, there is an emergency, which is never the best time to pray because you are under pressure,” he explained.

The clergyman continued, “But when prayer is a lifestyle, you wake up in the morning, and the first thing that occurs to you is to spend the first few hours or even the first few minutes with God, then prayer becomes preventive.”

Pastor Ladipo Babatunde, who re-echoed the importance of prayer, said it makes the difference in men when they face challenges that are bound to come.

“What usually differentiates the man who will win or lose is his response to that adversity. You are better prepared if prayer becomes your lifestyle,” he added.

Before Pastor Babatunde’s sermon, Pastor Bisoye Okwoli had read the Promise for the Week, which was taken from Hebrews 10:23. In expounding on the text, she said Christians should never be defined by the challenges they are facing. Instead, she admonished that they focus on God’s promise, stressing that He is faithful regardless of the believers’ state.