The November 24 Thursday Showers, which fell on Thanksgiving Day internationally, was also a day of thanksgiving for attendees of the Showers service as there were prayers of thanksgiving and songs of praise to God for all He has done.

Remarkable testimonies of how a long-time family curse was broken, the salvation of souls, divine provision of employment, marriage ceremony, and a supernatural end to barrenness were also shared by members to demonstrate God’s faithfulness. It was indeed Thanksgiving Day as testimonies kept pouring in from testifiers. From God lifting men from humble backgrounds to opening international doors without knowing anyone.

Pastor Taiwo Odukoya, while ministering to the congregation, started by encouraging the people to trust in God rather than in the devil’s lies.

According to him, God never created anybody without potential, adding that it is people who cannot recognize their potential.

His words: “God has done so much for you if only you will recognize and be grateful for it. Then, you will see the doors to greater breakthroughs.”

He noted that giving thanks to God for what He has done or what they think He has not done is a principle. The cleric posited that “sometimes it is when you begin to praise God that what you don’t know He has done that you still lament about will manifest; God always does; it is a principle.”

The clergy further stated that God never stops doing miracles and that every problem is easy for Him. While sharing from Luke 17:11-19, Pastor Taiwo mentioned the entitlement mindset as one of the reasons people don’t give thanks to God.

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He said, “Some don’t consider it anything to give thanks; some have a great sense of entitlement. But, if you didn’t manufacture it, you didn’t produce it, and somebody gave it to you, it is only necessary and spiritual for you to say thank you.”

The cleric consequently urged his listeners to cultivate the attitude of giving thanks to God and not to copy the ways of the world by taking an alternative route in getting their request.