Believers have been enjoined to look to God’s Word to navigate every season of their lives.

This admonition came from Mrs. Ayodeji Megbope, the wife of Pastor Femi Megbope of The Fountain of Life Church, during the June 8 Thursday Showers service.

Taking her reading from Ecclesiastes 3:2, Mrs. Megbope said seasons don’t announce themselves. She noted that individuals must be conversant with God, the creator of seasons.

“Life is in seasons, and so if God intends for you to grow in a particular way, in a particular season, and you do not grow along that path, at some time, that gap will show in your life,” she stated.

She likened the Bible to a map that shows seasons and how to react to them. According to her, there is no knowing the Holy Spirit without the Word.

She explained further that the scriptures must not be likened to nursery rhymes or the importance and power be lost.

“The Lord requires us to dwell because He wants to open our eyes to things that the physical eyes cannot see,” Mrs. Megbope continued. “No matter how much you are fed, it will come to a time and season that you become an adult, and you must feed yourself.

“The main feeding that will determine whether or not you move from where you are to where you ought to be is the feeding that you get by yourself in the secret place.”

Also reading from John 14:26 and Luke 24:29, she told the congregation that the Holy Spirit makes transformation possible no matter the struggle.

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“Any transformation that you are crying unto God for will start in the Spirit, which is why your spirit must be empowered; it may not look like it now, but there is a purpose,” she said.

Mrs. Megbope shared how she struggled and began to grow because she realized her spirit was the core of her entire being.

“We cannot but thank God for the Word of God we continue to receive from this pulpit,” she said.

She advised the congregation to always have a personal encounter with the Word so they do not “fall like a pack of cards.”

“You want a good quality of life? You need to work for it,” she said, emphasizing that personal development is not a destination but a journey. She added that what the world terms success is not what the scriptures term success.