In his message to the congregation at the May 5 Sunday second service, Pastor Adama Segbedji, the Senior Pastor of Solution Chapel International, Crawley, West Sussex in England, said that believers are supposed to be light in a dark world.

According to Pastor Segbedji, every child of God has been called to influence the world by representing Christ, noting that no fear should intimidate them from achieving this. “You were called to influence the world. It doesn’t matter where you are coming from, Jesus says you are the light of the world, not that you are going to be,” he stated.

Speaking from Mathew 5.14-16, Genesis 1:16 and John 1:5, Pastor Segbedji stated that believers are to possess the characteristics of light which include bringing clarity, having unquestionable dominion over darkness, ruling its environment and not being limited. These, he said, would show that they are truly representing Christ. “The time we see darkness is not the time to keep quiet but the time to introduce what is greater than darkness – light,” he said.

Pastor Segbedji, therefore, urged them to always follow Christ, the Light of the world, so that they too can shine in this dark world. “That’s why you have to be found in Jesus, the Potter so that you can be what He has called you to be,” he stated.

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