Fountaineers have been told that the spirit of fear is never from God but from the devil. The congregation was also notified that fear represents Satan.

Addressing the church during the second service on Sunday, July 16, 2023, Pastor Rotimi Okpaise, reading from 2 Timothy 1:7, explained that “God has given us His power, love, and a sound mind.

“We relate to this through faith. We have no choice but to continuously read the Bible because faith comes by hearing and hearing the Word of God.

“Money is not joy, neither is it peace. Only the Word of God is joy and peace. Faith moves the hand of God”.

Also referencing Mark 10:47-52, the preacher explained that the blind Bartimaeus in the Bible knew the purpose of the Son of David for the blind, and he believed in it.

“He knew salvation had come for him that day, but salvation would not come if he kept quiet, so he sought the Word and called on Jesus to have mercy on him.

“The passers-by tried to make him keep shut, but he shouted until Jesus came to him. What gave Bartimaeus salvation that day was his faith and what he knew from the Word of God, as stated in Luke 4:18.

“In John 10:10, Jesus said, ‘I have come that you may have life and have it more abundantly’. That is His purpose for you. Abundance is not money; it is majorly unquantifiable peace and joy.

“If that is missing in your life, scream to Jesus today, and He will answer you, don’t hold back. Satan moves in response to fear, while God moves in response to faith. If you cave into fear or any negative situation in your life, it is a road to destruction, and that is not God’s purpose for you.

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“Turn it around by speaking positively into your life. Be patient; you don’t know the time, but that change will come because His word says it, so don’t lose faith,” Pastor Rotimi Okpaise maintained.

Still speaking from Matthew 14:24-29, Pastor Rotimi Okpaise revealed that “Peter exercised faith by walking on water when Jesus told him to come to Him, but fear gripped Peter when he saw the winds all over again, and he started to sink.

“Rather than letting Peter sink, Jesus reached out His hand and supported Peter. Jesus wants to do the same to you today. God is saying He will lend you a hand today. He knows you can’t do it alone, just like Peter could not do it alone too. God is saying to you today that you will not fall or sink.

“He is saying ignore those laughing at you, those who are strategically waiting for you to fall because it is not going to happen. God is right beside you”.

Pastor Rotimi prophesied over the congregation, “God is saying to you to stay in faith. The race is still on, I have done many things in your midst, and you can testify of me, but there is so much more I can and want to do, but I can only do them if you stay in faith”.

Quoting Deut. 4:9, the clergyman stated that “As a church, we have to keep the faith, we have to stay in faith, and we have to grow in faith because we are not there yet”.

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He admonished the church from Psalm 103:2, stating, “We should let our souls keep blessing God as we remember the benefits we have received from Him.

In closing, Pastor Rotimi Okpaise encouraged the church to hang on to God’s word and study the Bible.