God has been described as a specialist in the transformation of any situation.

The description came from Pastor Kunle Osunkunle of the Fountain of Life Church (TFOLC) during the August 6, 2023, Sunday second service.

Reading from the theme scripture of the month, Psalm 126:1-3, Pastor Kunle Osunkunle, who stated that no matter how hopeless the situation is, asserted that God is a specialist in transforming situations.

In his words: “Every challenge we have, works out God’s purposes in our lives, and we must not miss it”.

In titling his exhortation as activating the help of God, with reference from Psalm 121:1-4, Pastor Kunle Osunkunle affirmed that in some way or the other, everyone needs help, and God is expecting us as believers to submit to him to help us.

Citing Psalm 127:1 and Matthew 11:28-30, he stated, “Our aspirations require the help of God to fulfil its purpose. God is not only willing to help us but also has the capacity to do so, as his promises cover all the challenges we may face.

“God is good, and whatever circumstances we may be facing, seeking out His goodness amidst it is of necessity.

“God gives us insight when we walk closely with him”.

Recognizing that the help of God is always adequate, available, and appropriate, he maintained that we must be able to wait on God, however tarried it may seem, even as he expressed further that God’s intention is not for us to suffer, but to grow into maturity, as many of our requests can be self-destructive and could fail to fulfil the purposes of God.

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Pastor Kunle Osunkunle, who equally cited Hebrew 5:8-9 commented, “When going through a crisis, we must learn to listen and obey.

“The place of listening is a place of being quiet, engaging the Word and prayers.

“To activate the help of God, we must firstly realize that as men, we are insufficient of ourselves; hence we need to seek the face of God and not man.

“God is ready to do for us what we cannot do ourselves”.

In closing, he proposed the need to pray and, most importantly, pray in the spirit as contained in Romans 8:26 for an optimized outcome.

“Take time to pray; as you do, you will get to the point of worship, and then God shows up. When we patiently wait, we learn, and God’s help will surely come through. Like Psalm 34:5, our faces would be radiant, and we will not be put to shame”, he concluded.