For a supernatural turnaround to happen in a believer’s life, the God factor must be involved, and it changes everything.

The above was the position of Pastor Mary Fayemi of The Fountain of Life Church (TFOLC), who also stated, “When we are talking about supernatural turnaround, we are talking about the impact, intervention, and the move of God in your situations. It means it cannot be ordinary”.

Speaking from the theme for the month, ‘Supernatural Turnaround’, Pastor Mary Fayemi, who referenced Psalm 126: 1-3 while preaching on August 6, 2023, Sunday first service, argued that when the supernatural turnaround is limited to the physical eyes, it will look impossible, but when it is subjected to the spiritual eyes, it becomes easy for a believer.

She further spoke about the timeliness of God’s intervention in the life of a believer. According to her, God is the doer of turnaround. “It is God that decides the end of captivity”, she noted.

According to the preacher, “God makes His children experience supernatural turnaround to show that He loves them, that He is merciful, to express His faithfulness, to let them know He is all-powerful, to put humanity in its place, to show that He has no equal and that He can still break and overthrow protocols.

“Some situations may make you think God can’t handle things, but when God comes through and big, you will know that He is indeed all-powerful. He still has a hundred per cent power over situations”.

The cleric, therefore, urged her listeners to first turn back to God, forsake their wicked ways and focus on God, trusting Him to experience a supernatural turnaround.

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“Supernatural turnaround will start from the spirit”, she posited.