Taking her text from John 21: 1-14, Pastor Nomthi gave the exhortation during the Thursday morning session of the recently concluded 2019 Word Explosion Conference.

She described how, after the resurrection of Jesus and His appearance to the disciples, He still did not leave them without His presence as there were recorded sightings of Jesus after His resurrection. Pastor Nomthi added that Jesus followed His disciples and revealed Himself to them because He had an assignment for them (John 10:38). We are all on special assignment for Jesus; He needs us to do the work in the vineyard. There are no best candidates, all of us are qualified candidates, Pastor Nomthi explained to the church.

Then, using an analogy of someone entering a lift, Pastor Nomthi went on to explain the importance of each person fulfilling their individual and unique purpose on earth. “When you press the button in the lift of life, you benefit from it first, God has not called us to press the button for people we know only – we do it for the benefit of all human race. Nature is waiting earnestly for you to press the button of your life (Rom 9:18). We have been called and anointed to do specific assignment and we must carry out that assignment so that other people can enjoy from your obedience just like you are benefitting from the obedience of others in carrying out the assignment of their lives”, she emphasised.

Pastor Nomthi wrapped up her message by admonishing believers to use their stories and their testimonies to bring others to Christ.

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