Reading from Mark 8:34, Pastor Nomthi Odukoya urged worshippers at the May 2 Showers service not to be ashamed to proclaim Jesus Christ through both words and actions. According to her, just as Christ experienced challenges and trials while on earth, so also would believers experience challenges in their journey of faith. She urged them never to give up on their purpose and on God just as Jesus did not give up until He accomplished His assignment. “When your mind is about to give up, think of what Christ went through and how He denied Himself in order to redeem humanity, and that must be our attitude towards the gospel,” she said.

Pastor Nomthi noted that believers’ ears must be deaf to criticism, eyes blind to distractions, hands numb to touching things that can pollute them and minds focused on God. These qualities, she said, will proudly showcase them as God’s children.  “Your focus must also be on God, allowing Him to fight your battles and, with His clean winning records, provide you with all that you will ever need.”

She then implored them never to do in private what they would not be proud to do in public as Christians.

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