The Lord has been so good to me, but I didn’t even realise it because of some other requests I have not seen. Anytime I want to share my testimonies at Thursday Showers, I get discouraged because of those things I felt God hasn’t done for me yet, and I would postpone the testimony. But today I purpose in my heart that I must testify to put the devil to shame and to give glory to God.

I was invited to the Fountain of Life Church in 2017 with an older friend. After the service, we went to the altar to take pictures and Pastor Biodun (I didn’t know him then) came to join us in his agbada. He stood in the middle of me and my friend and covered us with his big agbada. Someone who was passing by saw us and told Pastor Biodun that he looked like the father of the bride. Immediately, I concurred and he declared that so shall it be for us. We both said Amen as we had both been believing God for good men. To the glory of God, my older friend will be celebrating her wedding anniversary in October this year, and I will be getting married next year to a member of this church.

Secondly, I applied for Masters in 2016 and I have a friend who works in my department as a graduate assistant. She just told me after I had written the exam and was expecting the list that I should just keep praising God. When I asked her why since the list is not yet out, she said I should just keep praising God. It wasn’t until sometime later that I understood what she meant. After I was admitted and had started attending lectures, my friend told me I did not make the first list. She said the department then called for an emergency meeting which ended with them reducing the cut-off mark; that was how I scaled through.

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It was then I understood what she meant when she asked me to be praising God. Since then, it has affected my prayer life as I thank God more than I request for things from Him. Whenever I need something, I just thank Him for giving me and it has been like that ever since.

Thirdly, my mum has been on one level at her office for a long time and we have been trusting God for promotion. She was set to write the promotion exam, but she had issues with her certificate not being recognised. I just told her that promotion comes from God alone not even from the authorities. She said okay that she will just go write the exam, she wrote the exam and to the glory of God she was promoted two levels up. God is just so amazing! She was promoted two levels up which means the only level left for her is the highest level like the final level.

I run a business – handmade accessories, and since the beginning of the year, I’ve been wondering if I made a mistake by venturing into business and I was contemplating going back to my 9-5 salaried job. But anytime I came for Thursday Showers, Pastor would share God’s promise from Psalm 23 with us. Before now, I have never seen Psalm 23 that deep before. Now, I just kept keying into that scripture anytime Pastor comes and explains it – I lack nothing.

There was also a testimony of Sister Ayo Megbope of how she started a business from 1,000 naira and was able to establish her business. I told God that if He can do it for her, I’m sure He is able to do it for me too. I bless God because just within one week, I got three international orders right there in my room. I didn’t have to go anywhere. I just uploaded my products on different online platforms and I got the calls and emails, Thank you Lord!

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