I started attending Thursday Showers five years ago. Before then, in 2013, I was passing through a lot of challenges; career wise and family wise. But as I had been a Christian from childhood, I just didn’t want to lose my faith so I kept praying, hoping for a miracle.

One day towards December of 2013, I was asking God to please give me something like an atmosphere that will make my spirit continue to stand strong even in the midst of these challenges. In January, I was walking through Oshodi img123when I heard some people discussing that they were going to Thursday Showers.  I wondered what that was, so I diverted and followed them, and that was how I came and since then I have never left. Every time I come, I would just be dancing like all is well.

In 2015, I was diagnosed with cervical cancer and when I came for Thursday Showers, I told God that, “You have seen it and I don’t have money to go for chemotherapy. So you have to heal me.” God gave me a word during the short exhortation of the ministering pastor who talked about the cross. It was that cross that I was looking at and I was healed. In fact, the doctors could not explain what happened. That encouraged my faith and throughout 2015 I kept on attending Showers.

After my healing I swore to God that I would keep attending Thursday Showers and that I would not ask for anything, but I would just celebrate God’s goodness. Last year, I came for one of the Thursday Showers and as Pastor Taiwo was preaching, he said something about how God is going to exalt some people. Although I didn’t really understand but prior to that time, I had met pastor Nomthi (who had invited me to see her after I commented on one of her posts on Facebook, telling her how the post blessed me and how I would love her to pray for me) and she gave me a word of encouragement.


When Pastor Taiwo finished what he was saying that day, I heard a word like, “it is time.”  I still didn’t understand, but I picked a promise from Isaiah 54:4 which says, “You will no more suffer shame, you will no more be humiliated.”

When I left the service that day, I got a call that there is an interview going on at a company and since I had a background in the maritime industry, I went there. I was told that they were looking for an Admin Officer, so I joined those to be interviewed. I waited for so long to be interviewed that it seemed they had forgotten me. I was about to leave when the MD of the company walked in and asked if I was the last person, I responded in the affirmative and he asked me to follow him to his office.

At this point I was a bit scared as I wondered why it would be the MD that would interview me. However, when I got to his office he said, “I don’t want you to be an Admin officer.” That was how I was made an executive of that company, a position that I wouldn’t have gotten in 10 years.

I am not just an executive, I have attended trainings and seminars that I wouldn’t have been able to attend in my life. That’s how God changed my story. The same me that in 2014 when I was going through various challenges, I had to move from where I was staying in Lagos to Otta and from there would come for Thursday Showers with the little money I had saved by denying myself luxuries. I would wake up as early as 5am and dress like I was going to office too, but I would head to Ilupeju to make Showers service. Every Thursday, I kept at this routine and I would always praise God when I got to church.

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Today, I am an executive. Today, God healed me of cancer. Today, I have returned just like that one leper to say thank you Jesus!