In his teaching delivered during the May 5 Thursday Showers service, Brother Yinka Ogundairo said that the essence of Christianity is to worship God, not only with substances but with lifestyle.

According to Brother Yinka Ogundairo, at the service held at The Fountain of Life Church’s main auditorium, it is not difficult to pick the heart of God when one dwells in His presence.

“The sacrifice that is pleasing to God is your offering and the sacrifice of life itself. If you are used to continuously seeking God’s heart and not just His hands, you will know where His heartbeat is for everybody,” he said.

Speaking from Psalm 26:1-3, Matthew 27:45-46, Matthew 3:13-17, Revelations 21:1-4, Luke 23:46, and Matthew 17:1-8, the architect told the congregation that there is a need to keep their eyes on God’s love irrespective of their encounters in life.

This, according to him, is because God is faithful and will not allow their sacrifices to go unrewarded. Believers must focus on God’s love. His love, Bro Yinka said, should drive them.

Brother Yinka Ogundairo further posited that “there is no greater joy in one’s life than partnering with God because it transcends the physical feelings and has nothing to do with environmental changes. The blessing of God without the God of the blessing is a disaster waiting to happen.”

Apart from the sermon, the service also featured a powerful praise and worship session by Grace Levites. In addition, the testimonies shared during the service displayed the goodness and mercies of God.

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Sister Opeyemi Shanu thanked God for recovering her lost phone, while Mrs Remi Babadiya gave thanks to God for her daughter’s safety from a car accident. Sis Grace Lawrence also testified to God’s protection over her son.