Christian mothers have been charged to learn from Mary, who excelled in her role as the mother of Jesus Christ despite the challenges she encountered.

Pastor Kunle Areogun of The Fountain of Life Church, TFOLC, said this in his message during the second service on Sunday, May 8, 2022, which was also Mother’s Day. He said Mary typified the role of mothers in society.

In a world where entrusting children to others remains debatable, Mary excelled in her role as Jesus’ mother. The preacher explained that Mary’s challenges, which included societal disbelief in her and the consideration of divorce by her betrothed, never deterred her from passing the test of trust with God.

He took his reading from Luke 1:26-38 and Hebrew 13:17, stating that there is a Mary in every man and a full Mary in every woman. By this, he expounded on the roles, character traits, and the legacy Mary left behind that can be visible in the life of every believer.

According to the cleric, intimacy with God, purity, virtue, and honour; faith in God, tenacity, boldness, integrity, and Godly character are some traits found in Mary that every believer should emulate.

Furthermore, the preacher said that whenever believers ask God for a promotion, a trust threshold is always attached to it.

“For God to commit into your hands, He looks for trustworthiness and not your ability,” he added.

He urged the congregation to imbibe a prayer lifestyle, constantly listen and heed instructions from God’s words. Christians, he maintained, should have unwavering faith in His promise. These, according to him, are the qualities found in Mary.

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“As Christians, we must learn to pray, listen to and obey God’s instructions to succeed in life. We must have the faith to conceive and bring forth God’s revelation in our lives, and no matter what is ahead of us, it is possible in Him (Christ),” he added.