Pastor Taiwo at the December 8 Sunday service said that God directs the steps of His children and this causes them to experience joy, irrespective of their circumstances and situations. This, he said, would come with knowing, believing and standing firm on His promises to them. “Blessed are those who know the joyful sound,” he said.

Speaking from Isaiah 61:1-9, Psalm 89:15 and Leviticus 25, he said that the fulfillment of God’s covenant in the lives of His own comes with the sound of jubilee. This, he said, always marks a new beginning in the people’s lives. “The sound of joy is the confirmation of your liberty in spite of whatever you are going through,” he stated.

Pastor Taiwo then implored them not to be ignorant of God’s covenant with them so that the devil would not use that as an opportunity to take undue advantage of them. “As a born again child of God, you are in the light of His countenance. Your deliverance is sure once you know that,” he said.

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